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1.0  What is CLYMA?
Clyma is a non-profit association whose aim is to promote awareness of the importance of Iberian continental waters.            
What are continental waters?

Brooks, streams and rivers, lakes, lagoons and pools, salt marshes, peat bogs and marshes, that is, inland waters as a whole.

.... for these waters form one of the greatest treasures of Iberian nature.


 Why are these waters so important?

Due to the fauna and flora they are home to and due to their regulating function for the other ecosystems around them.
      But they are also important for we human beings, for many of them are the source of the fresh water essential for our life.

... and because they are the best indicator of the health of our environment.


Limnology is the science devoted to the study of inland waters.
      Limnologists study how rivers and lakes operate, the composition of their waters, the animals and plants that live in them and the relationships between all of them and the environment in which they live.

The environment

This is the setting that is all around us and, more specifically, the original setting formed by nature.
      The part of the environment in which CLYMA mainly involves itself is that connected with rivers and lakes (in other words, the aquatic environment), but also their banks and shores, the surrounding landscapes and other areas which, though further away, nevertheless influence them.

What activities does CLYMA engage in?

Providing information, research and protection work.

Providing information means making available to all:
- the knowledge that limnologists gain through their research
- the natural history of the rivers and lakes
- the fauna that inhabits inland waters
- the flora that grows in these waters
- the results of the research work and studies carried out by CLYMA
- and in general, news relating to the rivers and lakes.

The research work includes:
- carrying out limnological studies
- providing assistance and collaboration in studies relating to limnology
- carrying out environmental studies
- providing assistance and collaboration in studies relating to the   

Protection is provided by:
- working with other organisations having similar ends
- taking part in projects to protect rivers and lakes
- implementing our own protection project
- sand, in general, providing information about the rivers and lakes,

for only what is known is protected